School Council

The Seaford North Primary School Council is the governing body of the school. It determines appropriate educational policies within DEECD guidelines, to ensure that the aims of the school are achieved. In addition Council controls the schools finances and resources.

School Council Office bearers 2019

President              Scott Boreham
Vice-President    Guy Masters
Treasurer             Justine Fletcher-Dobson
Secretary             Di Wakefield

School Council Members 2019

  • Scott Boreham
  • Catherine Bromley
  • Stuart Thompson
  • Fiona Verwoerd
  • Guy Masters
  • Renee Molloy
  • Justine Fletcher-Dobson
  • Caroline Roberts – Parents Club Representative
  • Kylie Zigouras – Kinder Liaison Representative
  • Lee Murnane
  • Anthy Seremetis
  • Tara Williams
  • Chloe Gannon


Council meets at least twice each term with at least 8 meetings being held in any calendar year. The Council holds at least one public meeting each year to report on its activities and to present a statement setting out the school’s income and expenditure for the previous calendar year.
Sub-Committees of the School Council

The sub-committees of School Council currently comprise:

  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Marketing