Principal’s Message

talltreeWelcome to Seaford North Primary School. We hope that the enrolment of your child marks the beginning of a long and happy association with the school for your family. Our school reflects the vibrant, ever changing nature of education, giving opportunities for self-expression and equipping each student effectively to be a 21st Century learner.

The underpinning focus of Seaford North Primary School is to provide the very best teaching and learning practices that will increase student engagement and will develop thinking skills and student self-esteem.

Our school has been accredited as one which demonstrates a Performance and Development Culture. Our values are promoted and lived each day, creating a learning community that ensures all students optimise their learning potential, feel safe and develop socially, emotionally and physically.

The school prides itself on its family approach to education and welcomes the involvement of parents in the education of your child. As parents, your involvement in the school life, your participation in the education programs and your interest in the activities of your child will add considerably to the enjoyment of your child’s primary school years. This strong home-school partnership drives our success and ensures that Seaford North provides the highest quality education for your child.

As teachers, we always endeavour to provide an environment in which your child will flourish, structure activities to stimulate and excite, and provide programs which will cater for individual needs and develop positive attitudes to learning.

Seaford North Primary School is a happy school that encourages play, laughter and learning. Our students enjoy unique and pleasant surroundings that are superbly resourced for learning, sport and play.

I look forward to meeting and working with you in the future. If you wish to tour our school or discuss any aspect of the school or your child’s welfare, please contact us to arrange a time.

Warmest regards,

Lee Murnane