Seaford North incorporates a bright, spacious art room which enables us to work on a wide range of creative activities. During the year we explore painting, drawing, construction, printing, collage, modelling as well as threads and textiles. The themes are linked to work being undertaken in the classroom inquiry units as well as famous artists and the influences from the world around us.

Grade Prep: Sea Turtles

Prep student have been exploring many different art mediums. Their latest creation is an oil pastel and watercolour resist sea turtle. They did a great job at creating shapes and patterns on the shell. Well Done!


DSC_0618      DSC_0616

Grade 1: Artist Study: Claude Monet

Grade 1 students are working hard on their artworks inspired by Claude Monet. They enjoyed learning about landscapes and watercolour painting techniques and they are doing a beautiful job. Keep it up Grade 1!

Zahra 1J                     Jorja 1j

Grade 2 Artist Study: Vincent Van Gogh

Grade 2 students have been intrigued by Vincent Van Gogh and have made some sensational artworks inspired by Van Gogh. They used oil pastel to achieve a similar texture to Van Gogh’s oil paints. Beautiful work!