Visual Art



Seaford North PS features a bright, spacious art room which enables us to work on a wide range of creative activities. New facilities are currently being built which will include a brand new visual arts room.

During the year we explore various mediums such as painting, drawing, construction, printing, collage, modelling, threads and textiles. Each class in the school has a 50-minute visual art lesson per week. Lessons are designed using the PYP model of inquiry and are often linked in directly to central ideas that are being explored in the classroom.


Foundation students have recently been linking in with their classrooms’ central idea about ‘senses’. After smelling a beautiful bunch of flowers, students made a flower collage and applied fragrances to their flowers to entice the viewer to stop and smell them.


Grade 1/2

Grade 1/2 students have now completed their work on ‘emotions’ where they linked into their classrooms’ central idea. They did a fantastic job of portraying emotion through their artwork, using the mediums of paint and clay.


Grade 3/4

Grade 3/4 students are working on a central idea related to ‘the natural and man-made world’. Students created a dreamcatcher using only natural found materials. They have also made giant pixel murals in small groups which look wonderful.

Grade 5/6

Grade 5/6 students have now completed an inquiry topic on ‘line’. They created a variety of artworks with a focus on ‘line’ such as a wire portrait sculpture and a surrealist one-point perspective painting.