Our Philosophy

Seaford North Primary School’s philosophy is based firmly on the belief that each student has the ability to learn and this is best fostered in a positive, happy, caring and engaging environment that has been established cooperatively with students, staff, families and the local community.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in all school activities and to become partners with teachers and students in developing positive attitudes and improved educational outcomes.

Great emphasis is placed on caring for our students, staff and parents by:

  • providing an environment that is safe and secure,
  • facilitating effective communication to foster a strong partnership within the school community,
  • providing equal opportunity for all members of the school community,
  • providing professional development,
  • encouraging academic excellence for all students,
  • developing in students, qualities and life skills such as responsibility, communication, independence, inquiring minds, problem solving and creativity,
  • providing a cooperative environment where students can share the responsibility for their learning, behaviour and health,
  • preparing students for the next stage of learning by building on their strengths, interests and experiences.