Here at Seaford North we pride ourselves on our hands on, problem-solving approach to Mathematics where learning is differentiated for individual student needs.

Mathematics is taught across the school from F -6 in line with the Victorian curriculum.

Students develop the essential skills and knowledge in Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability.


Number and Algebra Measurement and Geometry Statistics and Probability
Number and place value (F–8) Using units of measurement (F–10) Chance (1–10)
Fractions and decimals (1–6) Shape (F–7) Data representation and interpretation (F–10)
Real numbers (7–10) Geometric reasoning (3–10)
Money and financial mathematics (1–10) Location and transformation(F–7)
Patterns and algebra (F–10) Pythagoras and trigonometry (9–10)
Linear and non-linear relationships (8–10)